1)  Technical Service Support

This remains the main reason for our continuing growth in San Diego County. With on-site service within 1 to 4 hours, either on an “as needed”, per-call basis, or covered by the DocuCare long term service packages.

2)  Product Purchasing

As an authorized provider for various brands and manufacturers’ models we can guarantee a combination of lowest prices, free delivery and warranty support by our team of qualified technicians.

3)  Reducing Your Toner and Supply Costs

Over 84% of our customers now use the MSE (Micro Solutions) re-manufactured toners that provide equal or superior performance and substantial savings as compared to those of OEM brands, and with a 3 year DocuFlow Guarantee. 

4)  DocuCare Contracts

We are converting many copier service contracts to our coverage for these reasons:

      A)  By reducing the excessive copy rates now being charged by many manufacturers and their dealers.

      B)  We separate the costs of service and supplies (represented by the cost-per-copy rates) from inclusion in copier leases. Most leases include these costs based on a fixed volume of usage, whether such volume is ever actually being used! This results in higher lease rates that cannot be justified by the actual copy volume used!